Dr Hauschka

This two-hour journey starts with a relaxing sage footbath to help you unwind. Your legs are then massaged followed by gentle stretching and relaxation movements to the neck, head and arm areas.
The face and décolleté are then cleansed with aromatic water and after a facial steam bath the deep cleansing mask is applied. Next feel the rhythmical movements of the lymph stimulation in conjunction with the décolleté massage, this cleanses the lymphatic system internally while the products encourage the external cleanse.
You will leave feeling relaxed, cleansed and glowing….

Dr Hauschka 2 hour treatment £80

Dr Hauschka I hour facial £50

Dr Hauschka Facial firming treatment £50

For appointment please call 07789 963874 or contact sarah@sarahcookholistics.co.uk